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Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography

Why is the real estate photographer so important?

When people look for a new property online, the key to making your house stand out from the competition is through the high-quality, visually appealing, and eye catching visuals.

That’s why it is important to choose the right photographer.


Often, in real estate business, time is everything. Hiring an aerial photographer who can deliver images and video quickly is important. For photos and video, typical delivery time is within a week or less, while some companies like Phoenix Drone Pros offers two day delivery. For additional call outs or branding, it may take longer, but make sure to set a deadline.


Take the time to find a professional drone photographer that can take aerial drone photography, and also interior home photos. If the aerial photographer you choose doesn’t shoot interior home photos from the ground, you will need a second photographer…which can be more hassle than it’s worth.

Real estate aerial photography and video complete with both aerial photography and ground photos, video and call outs. Take a look at this home in Mesa that was done with 24 hour  turnaround.

You don’t want a drone photographer who is “the jack of all trades and the master of none.” Visit the drone photographer’s website and portfolio first: does it look good? Does it have the kind of real estate images and videos you’re looking for?


fast turnaround time is important

Real estate aerial photography and video adds an elegant touch to any real estate listing, attracts more serious homebuyers, and directly influences the price of the property.  Doing a bit of research now will benefit you in the long run.

Choose a company familiar with the real estate industry and how the business works. Real estate aerial photography and videography experience is crucial - a wedding or family photographer is not skilled enough to take solid, stunning photos of that estate. Find a professional with specific qualifications, and a portfolio you can preview.

It’s also important to note, a professional aerial photographer will be licensed and insured to fly a drone to capture your photos. Saving money with an inexperienced pilot will cost you in the long run.

Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography
Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography
Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography