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Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography
Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography
Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography


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Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography

Good first impressions start with impeccable online listings. That means curb appeal, interior staged to the quality of a model home, and - of course - professional photos.

“You want to sell your home fast, and as smoothly as possible,” says Realtor Kristi Kenney, K2 Homes Keller Williams.  “Good agents will hire a professional to photograph your home in a way that looks attractive online and entices prospective buyers to come see your home.”

It doesn’t matter how many megapixels your phone camera has - good photography means using the right equipment, camera, tripods and yes - drones.  “Drone photography,” says Kenney, “can be a big part of the marketing of your home, especially if you have a lot of acreage or gorgeous front or back yard that you want to show off.”

But before the photographer and/or videographer comes to your home, here is what your real estate agent wishes you knew:

  • Pay attention to detail - put away embarrassing items in the bathroom before you take a photo.
  • Your cameraman needs to take photos when the lighting is good – in the morning or afternoon when natural light shines in is best.
  • Your knick-knacks aren’t photogenic. Hide your soccer trophies and hide your ceramic pigs. According to, all those knickknacks that make your house feel homey (to you, anyway) won’t translate well online.
  • Put a lid on the garbage can or move it.
  • Trim all the blinds and shades to the same level.
  • Use some work lights to fill in dark areas.
  • If you have props or accessories on a table, odd numbers work best.
  • Fluff the pillows.
  • Don’t show valuables. Valuables + a listing address = an invitation to burglars.