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We use drones both DAY and NIGHT for search and rescue

Phoenix Drone Pros is equipped with the latest technology used in drones – THERMAL IMAGING. These cameras detect heat and are an excellent tool in search and rescue operations. The drone can help locate lost dogs, horses, cows, pets and people. When time is of the essence, call us now to schedule your search an rescue operation. We are dispatched promptly and arrive in two person teams for a more efficient search and rescue operation.

YES, we have an FAA waiver that allows us to fly at night for search and rescue operations.

CALL NOW – The sooner we can start the search, the better chances we have of a successful mission.


https://vimeo.com/466368581Using a DJI XT FLIR THERMAL drone in a search and rescue situation allows the searchers to cover much more territory and much faster. Time is of the essence. The drone can see many acres at once, flying a grid pattern to cover all the terrain quickly. Video documentation is provided.https://youtu.be/aRk1r16rF8E

Search and Rescue Drones Use AI to Find People Lost in Woods

Technology has been developed to help search and rescue teams locate lost dogs, pets, horses, and people using THERMAL IMAGING cameras. These specialized cameras show heat profiles allowing the operator to find people and pets fast.


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Success Stories


A border collie has been rescued by a drone pilot used to track down missing dogs. Socks the dog was rescued after he was apparently hit by a car, with his worried owners not knowing where he was. He was found by Jamie Jewell, a volunteer for Drone SAR For Lost Dogs. Mr. Jewell, 42, spent around 20 minutes searching with the drone before he spotted Socks curled up in a ball.

Speaking of what it was like to find the missing dog, Mr. Jewell said: “I was quite tearful to be honest. “It was a really nice thing to find him safe, and a little bit overwhelming but it only then spurs you on to keep going with it and do some more.” Drones to the rescue! Hayley Quinn Church, whose 13-year-old brother owns Socks, said the help was “invaluable”. “Without Jamie’s help I think we would never have found socks in such a rural area,” she explained.

“The drone service he provides to distraught owners like us is invaluable.


A very busy 24 hours for the team has ended this evening safe in knowledge that little Brandy, missing after a walk yesterday morning is now back home with his family after being found by the drone team this lunchtime. Brandy had gone missing in a very difficult desert area. After his family searching all day yesterday, the drone team was contacted in the late afternoon for support.

A team member made their way to the area and met with Brandy’s owner and family members. The scale of the area soon became apparent and a decision was made to make use of the teams drone to scour the very steep sides of the valley and look for any signs. Whilst this was happening, a helicopter pilot friend of the family was covering large areas of open ground on the lookout for anything that could a sign of Brandy.

As night fell the search was called off as it would have been unsafe to continue. Around 12:45, We, along with a team volunteer, heard a noise in the gorse near to where Brandy had disappeared, and a position in which scent items had been left. After a brief search of the area, Brandy popped his head out of the gorse and that as they say was that.

We secured him with a lead and carried him out of the desert where we met with his family and reunited them.


Mollie and Steve Schrodi tell NewsChannel 7 a routine walk with their Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Jax ended up taking a turn for the worse last Saturday. “He had seen something and took off after it. And wouldn’t come back, I didn’t hear anything from him,” Steve Schrodi said.

After the Schrodis posted to social media that night, they and other volunteers tried to locate Jax, but with no success. When local entrepreneur and drone pilot Branden Bodendorfer was made aware of the post, he knew he had the tool just right for the job. “We searched just over 360 acres in a couple of hours,” Bodendorfer said. Using a drone and a search team, the TriMedia Visionary and pilot scanned the area. It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon that Jax was located.

“He started to bark when he saw the camera, and that helped us locate him,” Bodendorfer explained. “There was a lot of tears yesterday, throughout the day, but that moment was just amazing.” “We were just overjoyed to have him back. “He looked perfect! I was so surprised, at how good he looked, I was expecting the worst,” Mollie Schrodi added. “Today it was a dog. Tomorrow it could be someone’s grandma, it could be someone’s child,” Bodendorfer expalined. “I think anytime you can get out and exercise, train and try to successfully help somebody, you have to do it. That’s our role as humans.” The Schrodis consider Bodendorfer a hero, and the reason they will likely get to spend many more happy years with their lovable canine.

“He saved Jax. There’s no doubt about it. He is the reason we have Jax,” Mollie Schrodi said. The McMillan Marsh is approximately 6,500 acres in size.


  • $600 for 2 hours on site
  • Video documentation of search
  • Pre-paid
  • $200 each additional hour


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