Do you need drone photos in the Glendale, Arizona area? The Glendale region of Arizona is adjacent to downtown Phoenix, but it has a style all its own. Located in gorgeous Maricopa County, there are plenty of natural and human-created sights that are worthy of photography and video efforts.


That’s why Glendale residents frequently reach out to Phoenix Drone Pros, the premier drone videography and photography service in the greater Glendale area. We offer the following drone-based services:



Information About Our Photography Drone Services

Phoenix Drone Pros is a company that was founded by individuals who understand that humans are a visually-oriented species. We relate to things better when we can see them, rather than just hearing about them.


That’s a concept the Glendale, AZ community embraces as well. For instance, many companies and private sellers around here try to unload homes or investment properties. They contact us because they want scintillating drone videos and pictures that will entice potential buyers who are on the fence.


We also hear from clients who want drone footage and pictures of an event that will perfectly encapsulate the moment, preserving it for years to come. Future generations can look at the drone videos and photos we took with our drones. They can observe the tiniest details of any wedding, graduation, or family reunion, and it will seem almost like they were there, even if they didn’t attend.


Why Else Should Glendale Utilize the Professional Drone Photography Services that Phoenix Drone Pros Offers?

If you’re in Glendale and you’re thinking about hiring us for one of the events or occasions we’ve mentioned, you should also know that we’re fully insured. We only employ and allow FAA-licensed pilots to use our fleet of state-of-the-art drones. Our drones will never intrude during your event. They’ll capture amazing shots and videos from a distance.


You can order our drone services easily and quickly via our website, and we’ll always give you a fair price. We even have time-lapse photography and other advanced techniques that no other company can match.


If you have any questions, contact us today.

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