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Drones Capture Dramatic Weddings


Weddings are often defined by the videos and photographs that commemorate them for years to follow so make sure yours are EPIC!

* watch priceless memories with pride

* impress clients with unique service

* add incredible views to your experience

* show off your wedding in style


When Princess Diana’s iconic walk down the aisle was shot live with a drone a new standard of wedding videography was set. Until recently such grandeur was reserved for royalty, but why shouldn’t your wedding or the wedding you are planning be just as grand?? Phoenix Drone Pros can make your wedding video unique and epic. This is a wedding video you will be enjoying for years to come so make it count!


Our custom services are available to and utilized by wedding planners, organizers, wedding videographers/photographers and of course the bride and groom themselves. We can create a stunning wedding video for you ourselves or we can shoot hours of footage and allow your designated videographer access to our unique views so that he or she can put together a video worthy of your big day.


Our small, nonintrusive and highly experienced team of professionals have shot everything from weddings on yachts to horseback and provide you the same production value previously only used for royalty. We offer hours of footage, stunning photographs, fully edited, astonishing wedding videos of varying lengths and incredible views that will impress viewers and solidify memories. Make your big day even bigger and let us make your memories last forever!