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Drones Used In Search And Rescue

New technology helps search teams locate people faster

Recently drones have become a crucial part of search and  rescue missions and have exponentially increased the success rate. Phoenix Drone Pros can drastically increase your chances of a successful search mission at a much lower cost than the competitor.

  • Save precious time in search missions
  • Locate missing people, pets, vehicles and more
  • Review footage infinitely until you find what you are looking for
  • Advantageous aerial view

Over the past few years drones have become a vital part of search and rescue missions and are now being used  by police departments,  fire  departments and militaries around the world. What was once an extremely costly endeavor only provided by helicopters and for, “top priorities” can now be done anytime, anywhere and at a fair price.

One evening the owner of Phoenix Drone Pros, Robert, was doing a sunset video shoot in the Superstition Mountains. While capturing the type of extraordinary sunset that can only be seen in the Arizona desert, a hiker walked up on him and explained that he could not find his truck. Robert quickly launched one of his drones and within two minutes found the mans truck about a mile away. These things  happen everyday in Arizona but  few people have  access to a drone or the desire to get the runaround from the traditional search and    rescue avenues.

Phoenix Drone Pros provides an aerial view that can save hours or even days and can literally be the difference between success and failure. We understand that time is often essential in these situations and we will treat your situation with the priority you deserve. Having already rescued a family members mini Pomeranian in the vast desert, Robert takes this part of the job seriously and very personally. So far he has successfully located people, beloved pets, vehicles and even a remote control airplane that had been lost in an acres wide cornfield. The last was found by an aerial sweep and then reviewing the footage section by section until it was found, an additional advantage provided by drones. You simply cannot review footage from a traditional search done on foot.

The owner, Robert, recently upgraded to the latest military-grade infrared drone allowing us to respond to your call day or night and no longer hindered by the  darkness that ends so many searches. Don’t waste precious  time! Call us as soon as you become aware your loved one is lost hiking in the desert or your pet has wandered from home so that we can make every second count!