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Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography
Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography
Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography
Phoenix Drone Photography, Aerial Photography

A cinematic film of Emily & Kurt's wedding day, this wedding was filmed at Schnepf's Farms at the beautiful Meadow venue.  I use drones to capture aerial views and DSLR cameras to capture the ground view.

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If you’re skeptical about aerial photography at your wedding, you’re not alone. We’ve includes some pros and cons to help you decide.

Safety Concerns 

Drones are essentially mini-helicopters with cameras, so if the drone operator isn't a properly trained professional, you risk having an accident on your hands.

Drone Insurance

Professional drone operators need personal property and liability insurance. Don't take the easy way out on this. Double-check that your drone pro has taken the maximum safety precautions.

Weather Concerns

Drones can’t get wet - that means they can’t fly in the rain. They also aren’t safe to fly in high winds. Drones should only be used on calm, clear days.

Capturing Stunning Memories

Imagine the memories you’ll have with a sweeping aerial snapshot of your venue. Nothing compares to the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage. You can capture your entire venue, all your happy guests and maybe even a breathtaking sunset. Drone photography and videography provide a whole new way to preserve your wedding memories.

Drone videography is rising in popularity, which is no surprise if you've seen the breathtaking shots and breathtaking views drones can capture.

A drone makes it very convenient to shoot the main wedding ceremony in its entirety since it shoots from a high altitude. Add to that the variety of cinematic movements possible with an aerial camera and you’ll know why the possibilities are literally endless.


The first question is, how much does a drone cost? Despite the bewildering number and types of models available in the market today, few stand out as prominently as the DJI Phantom 4 that serves most purposes. A DJI Phantom 4 prices around $1,499.

Add to the drone costs, the licensing costs for flying a drone and then drone liability insurance, and even  the time it takes to learn to fly.

Compared to the cost of a drone wedding videographer, which is about $1000, hiring a professional really becomes a no-brainer.

wedding videography by phoenix drone

A beautiful cinematic wedding video filmed with multiple cameras; DSLR, Drone, and GoPro. We always use a drone to capture dramatic aerial video of the brides entrance.

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